Quality over Quantity

We only use high quality raw ingredients in our products. From pure essential oils, cold pressed oils like avocado, watermelon and cherry kernel oil, plant waxes and rich butters like this unrefined chocolately cocoa butter.

We believe in 'quality over quantity' and 'less is more'. This is why we have tirelessly developed our products, so that many of them can be used for multiple purposes. Like our top to toe bars, so that one bar can be used for hair, face and body, or our Miracle Light Oil which is a body oil, shaving oil, hair oil, bath oil, beard oil, cuticle oil and amazing make up remover and facial oil cleaner.

We don't believe in products for super specific tasks like cuticle oils, eye lash oils, foot balm...so provide everyday skincare that simplifies life, simplifies your bathroom, reduces waste and reduces cost.

Every bar purchased shares a hug with someone in need

When you buy a bar from CONCHUS it’s edges are trimmed. We save every single trimming and use them to create HUG Bars. This means that little pieces of your bar/s are included in a bar that is donated to a person in need.

We believe that cleansing is a self care act that can promote both physical and emotional healing.

We have donated Hug Bars to homeless shelters, and organisations that support people with a chronic illness, and survivors of modern slavery, and domestic abuse, charities that support families of baby loss, and people currently undergoing cancer treatment, and organisations transforming the lives of mothers battling addictions... and we will continue to make and share these to as many people as we can.

Thank you for supporting us, so that we can support others.