Safix Coconut Fibre Soap Rest


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Perfect to help your bars last last longer!

This great little pad will keep your soap dry in between uses, which helps your bars to last longer :)

Made from coconut fibre, it’s a brilliant alternative to a traditional soap dish, and is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Perfect for by the bath, in the shower, next to the kitchen sink or in the downstairs loo. Any water left on the surface of your bar will quickly drain away, preventing 'soggy soap' - which everyone hates! 

And as it's light, and almost unbreakable, it makes a great travel soap rest too! 

It’s also super easy to clean - just rinse it occasionally and use it again and again...

Supplied 100% plastic free
Size: 7cm x 10cm

(will fit at least 2-3 bars)


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