We absolutely love these NEW Konjac Sponges. We've been trialling them with our Conch face wash bar and nourishing body wash bars, and it's our FAVOURITE combination for daily cleansing.

We've noticed a huge difference in our skin, with it noticeably smoother, clearer, less congested, and generally more healthy / glowing :)

It also feels amazing when using on your skin, and you'll need to use less soap / body wash, as the sponges create lots of creamy lather and bubbles!

These premium 100% natural konjac sponges, are an everyday skincare essential. We have sponges that suitable for specific skin types, and extra gentle ones for babies and children.

This vegan and cruelty free sponge is a natural mixture of konjac vegetable fibre and spring water. Simply soak for a few moments until super soft to experience a deep yet gentle exfoliation and cleanse.